Purpose and Vision

Hi there, thanks for coming to visit my site.  My name is Jason Blanchard and I’m a burgeoning web-developer.  After spending ten years in the distribution industry in various positions a passion for problem solving and design lead me to seek higher education through SNHU.  Since then I have begun my transition with an internship with Anderson Power Products where I have helped to develop and install several automated systems to improve daily operations.  An example of such a system is an automated SQL server job that reduces user input error as well as allowing for a more stream lined process of inventory processing.

As a father of two that works full time to support his family and studies to complete his undergrad degree, obviously endeavors must be taken to ensure that as much free time is filled as possible.  To accomplish this hourly eradication, I volunteer as the technical director for a mid-sized church of around 350 weekly attendants.  Duties there include overseeing the network, overseeing the technical demands for weekly services, maintaining and installing various audio/visual equipment, and integrating new A/V equipment.

Much of my motivation for these things stems from my loving wife and children.  Few things provide purpose like the support of a good woman, and the unconditional love of two wonderful children.

My vision is to be a key contributor to a technical infrastructure for an organization.  It’s true that the world needs leaders, but more than that it needs reliable and capable contributors.  A leader is the post the rope is tied to.  Posts can’t pull a load without a reliable rope.  With my passion and zeal for trouble shooting and development my goal is to be the integral tool to accomplish the tasks required.  My mission is to develop, implement, and maintain technical systems that provide ongoing support and benefit to groups and organizations.

This website will be a centralized platform to display and communicate my ongoing endeavors and projects.    The name version2718 was chosen as 2.718 is the irrational number known as Euler’s constant.  The number is used when calculating constant growth or compounding interest and as such the name Version2718 is effectively saying that my professional growth will be continuous and will compound upon itself regularly.  The site will also be home for several aliased sites as I develop or work on them for clients over time.